Cardboard Tube Packaging For 100ml Fragrance Gift Boxes

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Perfume is a very valuable product, made with special materials and formulas, which can emit a variety of different fragrances. With the help of perfume, people can make themselves emit different fragrances, which can be used to show their personality, and people will become more confident and attractive. People with different personalities usually choose different styles, different fragrances and different brands of perfumes, resulting in a wide range of perfume styles and brands, and fierce competition. On the shelf, the printed fragrance gift boxes will become an important carrier for customers to judge perfume, including brand, perfume capacity, basic information of the product, etc. It is no exaggeration to say that attractive perfume boxes packaging will be able to become one of the product’s competitive advantages.

This is a pink cardboard tube package. Gift bows are printed on the body part of the paper tube to show customers that it is an expensive gift. The pattern formed by bronzing printing and CMYK printing has minimal added cost of customization, but it has an important impact on the overall packaging experience and value. Because the perfume glass bottle is fragile, the glass bottle cannot be directly touched during transportation or sales, and cannot be directly impacted by external forces. Custom packaging can perfectly solve this problem. This is thick cardboard tube with a thickness of 1mm and will be able to withstand a certain degree of external pressure. Inside the paper tube, there is a white EVA ring as a base, which can better fix and protect the perfume glass bottle. For more perfume packaging solutions, please feel free to contact us.

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