Cardboard Packaging Display Boxes For Perfume

Boxes style and Size: Customizable
MQQ: 500 pcs
Free sampling and design service possible
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Product Details

This is a black creative cardboard packaging boxes for perfume. The box is made of matte black cardboard as a whole, with high-quality color matching. The packaging box is cleverly designed and can be directly opened similar to the petal-shaped left and right. The unique way to open the box also adds a unique sense of design and high-level. The bottom of the box is used as a bottom mop to display the perfume directly after opening the box. A bright gold hexagonal border is designed in the middle of the box. The brand name of the perfume can be printed directly in the border.

In general, the package design not only takes into account the special shape and safety requirements of the perfume bottle, but also highlights the quality and grade of the perfume with the appearance of advanced color matching. It is a packaging effect specially created for perfume.

Our team is constantly working to make your products friendly to the consumers. We ensure that the box style meets market standards. Therefore, we manufacture the cosmetic packaging boxes of various materials, shapes and sizes. You have the greatest freedom to personalize the box as needed.

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