Cardboard Packaging Boxes For Skin Care Products Set

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Skin care product packaging is often the same, and consumers will find it difficult to be attracted by ordinary packaging. However, in the promotion of new products, festival-limited products or member welfare products, more innovative packaging is needed to highlight the particularity of the product and increase the ritual sense of the product. With more and more post-90s generations becoming the mainstay of skincare product consumption, these young people who grew up in the Internet era value creativity and fun. A well-designed package with brand details will make them add more favor to the brand and the product.

This is a creative design packaging for skin care products set. The packing box adopts a double-open structure, and a thick coated paper is used. The gift box is very special in the way of opening. It can be opened at the left and right sides at the same time. There is a ribbon link in the middle of the box to link the left and right lids, so that the lid does not fall completely like the sides after opening, but it will not continue to open at a certain angle. The visual impression to consumers is like the petals of an open flower. In the center of the petal is where the product is placed, as if the flower core is set against the center. The product is placed above the bottom of the middle box, which can also serve as an exhibition stand to display prominent products.

When the box is closed, the entire box body can be combined into a complete picture. We chose a gradient pink background that girls like, printed two white swan and star elements, and combined them to form a very dreamy picture. Girls will like it when they see it. There is a suction button in the middle of the box, which can lock the left and right lids when the box is closed. In the middle position of the suction buckle, it is very suitable for printing your brand LOGO. Consumers will definitely notice your brand as soon as they open the box. In general, the whole box body has both practicality, beauty and creativity, and is very suitable for gift box packaging of a single skin care product, reflecting the importance attached to consumers. Although it is a small gift box, there are not many consumable materials to make. The relatively complicated gift box has low cost and high cost performance, which is also the premise for this gift box to be used on a large scale.

Our gift box is just a reference case. We have rich customization experience to create the most suitable customized gift box packaging for your products. In box design, pattern selection, box body color matching, etc., we can provide you with ample choices. No matter what kind of customized gift box you need, we have the ability to help you design and produce it.

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