Cardboard Gift Boxes For 50ml Perfume Bottle Packaging

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80% of perfumes will be placed in glass bottles of different shapes. Perfume glass bottles have many advantages. For example, the glass material will not have a chemical reaction with perfume, which can effectively guarantee the quality of perfume for a long time. Compared with plastic bottles or aluminum bottles, glass bottles have strong transparency, customers can directly see the perfume liquid. However, during the transportation and sale of perfume glass bottles, care must be taken and they need to be well protected, Because the glass bottle is fragile. The direct collision between the bottle and the bottle, or the bottle and the external object, will make the perfume glass bottle may break, and the perfume liquid may be poured out. To customize perfume bottle packaging, you need to choose the one with pressure resistance, use the sturdiness of the packaging to protect the stability and value of the perfume.

Exquisite gift boxes can promote the value of products to a large extent, especially for light luxury perfumes. This is a 50ml perfume box, belonging to the category of small cardboard gift boxes. The stylish packaging design fully reflects the high value of perfume. Since the packaging uses 1200gsm gray board paper as the raw material, the box is not easily deformed even if it is pressed. The aesthetics of the packaging is very important, so special paper is used as a laminated paper to cover and beautify the entire perfume packaging. For specific content printing, customers will be able to quickly and quickly get to know the relevant product information or brand information. Fixing the perfume glass bottle inside the customized boxes and not allowing them to move is also an important measure to protect the perfume. Therefore, in the design of perfume packaging, EVA with printed laminated paper can be inserted to fix perfume glass bottles.

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