Black Tube Packaging For 30ml Perfume Boxes

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Neither men nor women can refuse the temptation of perfume. Perfume as a light luxury product can help people emit different fragrances, or change the fragrance in a certain space. People usually choose perfumes with different smells on different occasions according to their own needs to enhance their attractiveness and charm. The perfume market is huge, but the competition is fierce, and new styles and new brands are integrated into the market every day. In the fierce market competition, perfume must reflect differences and selling points, which is one of the necessary factors for success. Customized perfume boxes will be able to show consumers the perfume capacity, ingredients, fragrance or promotional slogan through unique printed content to attract customers to purchase behavior.

One of the functions of the box is to protect products, especially fragile perfume glass bottles. If the perfume is placed in a cylindrical glass bottle, we recommend that you refer to the black tube packaging. The use of printed paper tubes to package perfume has become a trend. Through the content printed by bronzing, we can easily find that the volume of perfume is 1 Oz (30ml); this is also one of the factors that consumers are most concerned about, and will use this to determine whether the product price is consistent with the product.

Customers who purchase this type of paper tube packaging for the first time will have questions about why the inner tube packaging will be partially exposed. The upper part of the black cardboard tube has been cleverly designed to have a difference in height and appearance of the inner tube, and this is used to catch the bottom of the inner paper tube, so that some bottom inner tubes are not completely covered. This type of tube packaging design makes the overall visual experience more luxurious. For more ideas about perfume packaging boxes, please feel free to contact us, will provide you with the best service and high-quality custom packaging.

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