Black Cardboard Drawer Boxes For Perfume Bottle

Boxes style and Size: Customizable
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Product Details

This is a small black cardboard boxes for perfume bottle packaging. The packaging box is divided into two parts, the outside is a rectangular shell made of cardboard, which is very hard and strong to protect the perfume from being squeezed by external forces. And the black simple design as a whole highlights the nobility and mystery of the perfume. The interior uses a drawer-type design to create a surprise of dismantling gifts. Pull the ribbon buckle on the drawer to pull out the drawer to display the perfume. At the same time, in order to better protect the perfume, a groove design that fits the shape of the perfume bottle , Can make the perfume bottle more tightly fixed in the package, has a good shock absorption effect to avoid damage during transportation.

In general, the package design not only takes into account the special safety requirements of perfume bottles, but also matches the product positioning of the perfume with a simple and advanced design sense. Multiple overlays also have good visual effects. It is a purpose-built for perfume bottle packaging effect. Welcome to contact and customize. 

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