6 Bottles Of Skincare Packaging Boxes Set

Boxes style and Size: Customizable
MQQ: 500 pcs
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When most women buy skin care products, they rarely buy only a single type of skin care product, but instead buy a variety of skin care products including facial whitening essence, hydrating liquid, lotion, hand cream and so on. Because of the use of skin care products, women can get more professional care in personal care. Many women also complain that it takes a lot of time between different stores to be able to buy a complete set of skincare products. Why not launch a skincare kit ? With customized skincare packaging boxes set, you can sell a variety of skin care products at one time to meet the basic needs of customers.

Shown is a large gift box for 6 skincare products of different styles, including facial essence, hydration essence, lotion, etc. The orderly placement of skin care products inside the boxes is one of the important factors to increase the value of the display, so it is necessary to put blister inside the cardboard boxes. Blister can fix different products in a specific position and is used to protect the stability of the product.

In addition to the interior of the boxes, the surface design of the custom packaging is even more important. The customer first sees the surface of the product packaging, and wants to quickly read relevant useful information. The unique packaging design, the manifestation of brand information and the necessary product information are all important for the sale of skin care products. Customers usually judge whether the product meets their requirements based on the information of skin care product packaging.

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