100 Ml Perfume Gift Rigid Paper Boxes

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Perfume is highly sought after by customers for its fragrance that it can exude. Glass bottles are widely used in perfume glass bottles due to their characteristics of anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance and good sealing effect. The perfume is placed in glass bottles of different capacities, of which 100 ml perfume is the most popular, both in terms of price and length of use, it can meet the psychological expectations of consumers. We have a wealth of cases in the manufacture of 100 ml perfume gift boxes, and we can wholesale perfume packaging at a cost-effective price.

Because the perfume glass bottle is impacted or squeezed by the outside world, it is very easy to broken. Therefore, we recommend using hard cardboard boxes. Hard cardboard boxes are made of 1200gsm gray board paper as raw material, and 128gsm printed copper board paper as laminated paper, which can improve the compression resistance and durability of the packaging while maintaining the aesthetics of the packaging. The use of gold cardboard and bronzing printing makes the packaging look luxurious and golden, which can increase the added value of perfume. At any time, do not ignore the impact of packaging design on product value.

The interior of the perfume box packaging is made of black flocked EVA, which is used to fix the perfume glass bottle, and to maintain a certain distance between the perfume glass bottle and the inner wall of the package. EVA specially designed a thin slot for inserting label paper or envelope. Brand information is printed on the surface of the envelope. A thank-you letter or customized content can be placed inside the envelope to increase the personality of the perfume gift.

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